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ACT, SAT Reveal Education Gaps

ACT, SAT Reveal Education Gaps

Standardized tests are complicated, unfair
Jenna Thrasher, Staff Writer February 24, 2021

It’s no secret that the ACT and SAT are tied to one’s socioeconomic status. These standardized tests often feel more like they are testing how much you can pay for tutoring, rather than your intelligence....

In order to get into competitive colleges, some students feel that they must abuse the free time granted to them in order to score higher on tests like the ACT and SAT.

Pressure forces students to crave extra time

Looking at the effects of standardized tests
Anneliese Moore, Managing Editor March 19, 2015

For students who view college as a crucial step towards a successful career, choosing the right college creates an inordinate amount of pressure. As a result, an industry has been created: standardized...

ACT practice test book

ACT found unfair test

Through favoring students with higher family incomes and disadvantaging those with learning deficiencies, the ACT has become an unequal test
Julia Shepard and Will Kaback March 19, 2015

In the late 1800s, the College Entrance Examination Board was created to establish a test that would act as a universal way to decide a student’s readiness for college. In 1901, the board established...

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