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Bill Colburn inspires his students in new ways

One of the variety of pieces that Bill Colburn completed during his sabbatical. Colburn hoped to inspire people to take a minute and view his work, and to grab the attention of any aged audience member.

Riley Weinman, Staff Writer

November 1, 2016

Bill Colburn has returned from his sabbatical, ready to share the valuable lessons he learned with his time off. His inspiration to take a sabbatical? An opportunity to travel abroad. Colburn, family in tow, visited many local museums, and also travelled to many abroad in Chicago, London, Washington ...

Expanding his palette: Mr. Colburn’s sabbatical

Colburn's presence can be felt at the school through his work, despite his temporary absence.

Eva Berezovsky, Staff Writer

February 2, 2016

Second semester is upon us: students are all continuing to walk familiar halls, greeting our familiar friends, and taking familiar notes. Despite the doses of familiarity that students and the majority of teachers are facing, Bill Colburn, the Drawing and Painting teacher and Blake’s long-time sour...

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Bill Colburn