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Global Local letter to the editor

Global Local letter to the editor

KK Haug and Ali Fine

December 13, 2018

In our Global Local class, we look into the problems happening around the world and discuss them. We then, in small groups, are able to choose a topic to look into more and create an action plan to help.  We chose cancer funding and the stress that the costs of cancer treatments have on patients and...

Mahoney Making Progress in Cancer Treatment

Mahoney Making Progress in Cancer Treatment

Anna Johns and Kendall Phillips

November 2, 2018

When strolling through the math wing on an average day, whether leaving lunch or retaking skill quizzes, you may feel a missing presence. Ryan Mahoney, one of upper school math teachers, has been on leave so that he can focus on his health. According to his Caring Bridge site, Mahoney was diagnosed wi...

Walking the halls without cancer

Phillips with Abbie Nelson '18, her hair fully grown.

Eva Berezovsky, Creative Director

April 28, 2017

With any cancer diagnosis comes a grasp on the scientific facets of the illness, but what’s not acknowledged by doctors is the abiding prominence of cancer beyond the hospital’s walls. Despite her two and a half cancer-free years, Pia Phillips ‘18 was reminded of her cancer experience as a f...

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