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Applying to College is too Stressful

Applying to College is too Stressful

Anneliese Moore, Arts and Culture Editor

December 3, 2015

Every year,  seniors complain about high stress levels as they manage their heavy class schedules while applying to colleges. Only until this year, as a first semester senior, did I actually understand and personally feel this stress. My stress has consistently been at a high during the past thr...

Embellishing on College Applications

Embellishing on College Applications

Katya Tobak, Copy Editor

November 20, 2015

“Reporting activities can help a college better understand your life outside of the classroom. Your activities may include arts, athletics, clubs, employment, personal commitments, and other pursuits. Do you have any activities that you wish to report?” So reads the activities section listed on ...

The truth about cheating

Ikbal Ahluwalia and Campbell Morrison

March 5, 2015

According to Betty Brown’s daily emails, Blake’s four core values are respect, love of learning, integrity and courage. Cheating, a rampant problem at Blake, disregards these values.      At Blake, students are trusted to follow these guidelines and maintain academic integrity, resulting in teachers not monit...

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