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Although Wagner loves energy drinks, a survey was sent to the student body asking if they enjoy energy drinks and why. Above, the pie chart represents the 102 responses with a majority not consuming them. Some responses for why students choose not to have energy drinks included: not enjoying the taste, not wanting to consume artificial sugar, and not enjoying the way it makes them feel.

Energy & Coffee Drinks Boost Spirits, Liveliness, Mood

Caffeinated beverages excite students
Clare Wagner, Contributing Writer May 28, 2021

Freshman year, a time of general curriculum classes, being scared of everyone, and overall distress. The one thing that became my shining beacon of hope in my sad world of being 14 years old was Red Bull....

March food gallery

This month's mouth-watering photos from around Minneapolis.
Sarina Dev and Emily Hykes March 22, 2017

Rachel, a barista at Urban Bean coffee, utilizes her foam technique when pouring a latte.

Coffee culture defined by creativity and conversation

Customers appreciate peaceful atmosphere at coffee shops
Minjae Lee, Fashion Editor May 24, 2016

At 6:30 a.m. in the morning, on the way to Northrop, the wheels of many students’ cars gravitate towards Caribou drive-ins. Whether they’re alarmed by final exams or simply indulging in caffeinated...

Coffee linked to extensive history

Scandinavian and East African roots brew in MN
Zoe Wellik, Arts & Culture Editor May 24, 2016

The Twin Cities is a hot pot of coffee. Literally. The metro has a strong Scandinavian heritage and identity as well as a large East African immigrant population; coincidentally, these two regions are...

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