The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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Higuchi’s piece of advice for future athletes going through the commitment process, “Just taking the time to get to know yourself and what you are looking for in a college experience and taking that into account when making your decision.”

Students Reflect on Commitment Process

Yoni Zacks , Sports Editor December 3, 2022

TROUNG: VMI SWIMMING  “It was super scary, I’m not gonna lie. I was nervous. But the coach, he was a younger coach, he was a super cool guy.” Nam Truong ‘23, a future college swimmer, described...

Kyle also loves to reread her diverse book collection and watch sports movies, one of her favorites being Rudy.

Ms. Kyle Discusses College Counseling Journey

Nya Manneh, Staff Writer December 18, 2020

Sara Kyle, Director of College Counseling, found her passion for counseling early on. Kyle has worked at Blake as a college counselor for 19 years, but she says that she has “been in college admissions...

College Admissions Foster Competition, Inequality

College Admissions Foster Competition, Inequality

Sara Richardson, Managing Editor November 6, 2020

An increasing number of students, especially seniors, are exhausted, stressed, panicked, and worried about their futures. No, I’m not talking about the upcoming election and the future of this...

The Aamoth Stadium lays empty during this time

Cancellation of Spring Season Leads to Plans for Summer, Impacts Recruitment

Catherine Barry, Food Features Editor May 23, 2020

Among all the chaos that has come with the outbreak of COVID-19, student-athletes whose sports are in the spring are devastated that they won’t have a season due to the close contact and high risk of...

Weiss’s two children, who graduated from Blake, have both taken gap years.

College Isn’t Always the Only Option

Caroline Hardy, Managing Editor May 13, 2019

“You have your whole life to go to school,” explains mother, science teacher, and former college professor Deborah Weiss. In response to this rapidly spreading movement towards relaxing and appreciating...

Next year, Borgida is planning to attend Trinity College in Hartford, Conneticut.

Gap Years are Opportunities for Growth

Nadia Lee, News Editor May 13, 2019

For Bea Buckley '18, her gap year served as time to pursue her passion for horse riding. For Jake Borgida '17, the time off was an opportunity to focus on hockey. For Sean Bazzett '18, a gap year meant...

Ninth graders recognize premature college anxiety

Maia Schifman and Maggie Seidel, Staff Writers November 28, 2018

The common desire of many Blake students to receive admission to a top-tier college creates stress that begins much earlier than the college application process. Underclassmen are already focused on the...

Re-defining discourse

Maxine Whitely and John Miller, Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager December 3, 2015

In the wake of national unrest about race relations on college campuses, discussions of the subject have naturally permeated into high schools, too. Uncomfortable, necessary conversations have graced our...

There are many components to a college application, with some that you can blow out of proportion in your favor, and some that you can’t.

Applying to College is too Stressful

Anneliese Moore, Arts and Culture Editor December 3, 2015

Every year,  seniors complain about high stress levels as they manage their heavy class schedules while applying to colleges. Only until this year, as a first semester senior, did I actually understand...

The screen that greets applicants on the Common Application website.

Embellishing on College Applications

Katya Tobak, Copy Editor November 20, 2015

“Reporting activities can help a college better understand your life outside of the classroom. Your activities may include arts, athletics, clubs, employment, personal commitments, and other pursuits....

A drawing of a U.S. dollar bill with 0 as the amount.

The cost of charging for public college

Sean Ericson, Managing Copy Editor October 29, 2015
The U.S. government can afford to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, so why doesn't it?
Take Back the Night is one example of a group speaking against sexual violence and assault and offering support and education.

UVA article under scrutiny after Rolling Stone mishandles story

Brianna Pomonis, Staff Writer April 30, 2015

When Rolling Stone’s November article on UVA fraternities dropped,  widespread rage  caused colleges, students, and parents to refocus their view on sexual assault at college campuses. However, new...

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