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Ikbal Ahluwalia: Then and Now

Ikbal Ahluwalia: Then and Now

Varun Agarwal, News Editor

November 13, 2017

Whispers of where Blake’s beloved lifer Ikbal Ahluwalia ‘18 disappeared circulated following 2015. Whispers of where he went, how he is doing, and what he has been up to has encapsulated the minds of Blake students for the past few years. Here is an interview with the man himself down below.  ...

Concussions impact athletes, schoolwork

Two Blake lacrosse helmets. A new Cascade R helmet on the left and an old Cascade CPX-R helmet on the right.

Ikbal Ahluwalia, Student Life Editor

March 19, 2015

Sarah Chute ’18 was elbowed by one of her opponents while she was in front of the net in the Girls’ State Hockey Championship and consequently sustained a concussion. She says, “I have gotten lots of headaches. Usually when I try to focus on things like doing homework, watching TV, looking at my ...

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