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Inauguration prompts processing

Students watch the inauguration of Donald Trump live in the Julliet Nelson Auditorium while some students chose to leave and accept the consequences. The students who peacefully protested left after the new president was sworn in.

Bennett Hawley and Gwyn Alexander

February 9, 2017

The polarization of the 2016 presidential election was almost indisputable and is still being carried into today’s political climate. Despite the divide, the Upper School held a school wide viewing of the Presidential Inauguration in the Juliet Nelson Auditorium in effort to educate and inform our fa...

School watches inauguration, discussion and art follows

Hazel DeHarpporte '19 adds her contribution to the

Chapel Puckett and Bennett Hawley

January 20, 2017

The Blake Upper School students, faculty, and staff watched the 45th Presidential Inauguration live in the Juliet Nelson Auditorium in between morning and afternoon classes. Some students decided to exercise their right to walk out of the assembly, writing a letter to the administration beforehand...

Students pen letter to the administration

Students sit in the JNA watching the inaugural address while others decided to walk out, exercising their right to not watch it while accepting the consequences.

Submitted by Hazel DeHarpporte

January 20, 2017

Dear Blake Administration, During the highly-debated inaugural assembly, a group of Blake students from all grades are choosing to walk out. So as not to cause a disruption, we will leave quickly and quietly. We believe this is an effective form of protest because we would like to display our marginali...

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