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Reporting from the capitol: Same-sex marriage bill passes

Reporting from the capitol: Same-sex marriage bill passes

Laine Higgins, Senior Consulting Editor

May 13, 2013

Senior Consulting Editor Laine Higgins '13 was one of many Blake students, parents, and faculty members in attendance at the state capitol in St. Paul yesterday when the state Senate passed the Freedom to Marry Bill, becoming the twelfth state in the nation to legally recognize same-sex marriage. Abo...

Members of Justice League and GSA attend Lobby Day at capital

Abby Smith, Staff Writer

April 25, 2013

At 1:45 am, November 7th, the Marriage Amendment that would have defined marriage as one man, one woman was defeated. After this historic advance, LGBTQ activists are taking the next step by working to pass two new bills through the Minnesota legislature: Marriage equality and a new comprehensive bullying pol...

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