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  • Blake hosts first cross country meet on Thursday, September 17. Go Bears! Fall Play will be announced on Friday at 4:00. What will the play be?

Into the Dojo

Into the Dojo

March 5, 2015

Michael Malecha '16 As I stepped into the Dojo, I did not know what to expect. Adolescents were lined horizontally in front of the instructor all clad in black clothing, each wearing belts synonymous with their degree of ability. On the walls behind the young fighters were two flags, one being the fl...

Doing activities for joy

76 Blake students weighed in on their reasons for taking AP courses. Starting from yellow going clockwise; to get into a good college; challenge; interest; college credit; proficiency in subject; enjoyment; next logical step; helps with desired career path; college readiness; other.

Michael Malecha, Staff Writer

March 5, 2015

As students progress further into high school, the looming gates of college and the world beyond home draw nearer and become more powerful as each day passes. Students undeniably have always and will continue to take specific classes, participate in specific extracurricular activities, and shape their...

Senior leadership powers Bears to regular season success, and ambitious goals for the post season

Senior Marcus Berg reflects on his successful football season.

Charles Alldredge '16, Contributing Writer

October 10, 2013

The Bears tallied their 4th win of the season against their archrivals, the Breck Mustangs. It was the first homecoming win for Blake that anyone on this year’s team has experienced from the sidelines. The Bears improved to four and one after the 34-13 win, and are now in first place in the Tri-Metr...

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