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Stock market tracker apps are used by many to monitor their stocks easily and efficiently.

Stock Market Begins to Recover After Record Lows

After taking a toll due to the pandemic, the stock market is on the rise
Christopher Chen, Contributing Writer November 6, 2020

In light of President Trump recently contracting the COVID-19 virus, many concerns and questions have been raised on whether or not the stock market would significantly rise or fall as an important actor...

Scooters on the move

Scooters on the move

Electric scooters available for purchase, rental in Minneapolis
Jonah Halper, Contributing Writer November 2, 2018

Bird along with Lime, Skip, and Spin, are some of the leading companies for scooter rental. Bird, on their mobile app, describes the scooters as something that you can use for "your work commute, across...

Everything in government has to do with budgets, spending or deficits. It’s all about the money and how it’s managed.

Evaluating Accomplishments and Shortcomings of Government Spending

An in-depth examination of federal money management
Sean Ericson, Copy Editor December 3, 2015

“This process stinks.” That’s how Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan described the constant flirting with the ledge of shutdown or default that has plagued political debates about...

It turns out money may buy happiness, sometimes

Stuart Patterson, Staff Writer June 1, 2013

Does money bring you happiness?  According to a recent study, it can. Evidently statistics show that well earning more money might not make you happier day to day, but if richer people look at their lives...

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