New Class, Same Game: Boys Basketball Shoots for the Stars in a Season full of Firsts

John Augustine '14, Contributing Writer

In Minnesota, high school basketball, teams are organized primarily by school size, ranging from the smallest schools (Class 1A) to the largest (Class 4A). In previous years, Blake’s  girls and boys basketball teams have been in Class 2A. This year both teams have moved up to 3A from Class 2A.
This change is partly due to the team’s successful 19-9 record from last year. Though both basketball teams will face stiffer competition, the players, captains and coaches have taken on an optimistic outlook. Junior Captain Kebu Johnson ‘13 says, “We’re not overwhelmed; I’m more excited than anything. We’ll only get better as a team.”
Similarly, Nick Rathmann, the boy’s head coach,  believes that the team has a chance to make Blake history: achieve success and maintain a winning record at the 3A level.
The team has made other big changes this year.  The addition of a new shooting machine, an improved weight room, and a new locker room have changed how players are preparing for the season.
Senior Captain Paul Blake ‘12 believes that “the machine and weight room have improved our offseason training and have helped us to prepare for a competitive and hopefully successful season.”
Players and coaches toiled all summer in the 105-degree gym and even got up at seven o’clock in the morning during the summer to use the shooting machine.  The preparation and hours in the gym that this team has logged during the offseason will make this year special.