Skating to Stardom: National hockey team member Dani Cameranesi ‘13 looks forward to Blake season

Adelaide Winton '15, Staff Writer

During the past year, junior Dani Cameranesi ’13 was selected to play for the U-18 National Women’s Hockey Team. Cameranesi said it was an honor to be able to play with such skilled players, and she plans on using her experience playing on such a high caliber squad to bring talent and new ideas to the Blake hockey team.
To make the national team, she had to go through a series of tryouts, until it was narrowed down to around 15 girls. The team that was selected played a three game series against Canada, and the team is going to the World’s Competition in the Czech Republic on the day after Christmas.
Cameranesi plans on using her experience on the high caliber squad to inspire and motivate the Blake varsity hockey team. “Just little things like doing some extra work in the weight room or having the proper food in the locker room, and all the little things that will add up to make our team the great team that we can and will be,” she said.
When asked about the upcoming Blake Hockey season, she said that they will great season. The girl’s team recently beat Owattana 8-2.
“Everyone played wonderfully! Of course there are still some things we need to work on to get to where we want to be at the end of the year, but everything is looking great so far! We’re going to have a great season this year and prove all the people who think we won’t do well wrong.”