Minnesota Youth Symphony celebrates 40th anniversary

Janice Chung '15, Page Editor

Welcome to the world of the young musicians, a community of close friends throughout Minnesota who connect with each other through the music they play. For many of us, classical music can be a difficult and even a boring genre to approach, as we are more accustomed to listen to hip-hop, rock and country music.  However, when we cross over and create the music itself, the experience becomes entirely different.

MYS, short for Minnesota Youth Symphonies, is an organization through which young musicians have the opportunity to experience playing in full orchestras every Saturday. Beatrice Lim ’13 enthusiastically raves, “MYS is just so much fun.  You have your friends and during the breaks and stuff it’s really hilarious.” The conductors for the top two orchestras in MYS (symphony and repertory), Manny and Claudette Laureano, are known to be strict to the point of being scary but have a good sense of humor.

This community is, in a sense, a family.  Along with Lim, there are a number of Blake students that performed in MYS’ 40th anniversary concert on April 22, 2012 at Orchestra Hall. Aditi Gupta ’13 played the percussion, Lim on the cello, Alex Smith ‘13 played the tuba, and brother-sister duo Helen Sprainer ’12 played violin in Symphony while Grant Sprainer ‘14 played the violin in Repertory. Gregory Lim ’15 can also be added to the list of Blake students, as he too played the cello, though in the Philharmonic.  There were two guest musicians: Doc Severinsen, a trumpeter, and Nachito Herrera, a Cuban jazz pianist.

The event was perfection, it captivated the audience with the joy that musicians like Beatrice feel. She says, “It’s great to be a part of something. When you’re playing music and even if you have a very boring part, like the cellos to know that what you are doing contributes to a whole, to something beautiful, is simply amazing.  I can’t help but smile during the rehearsals.”