Basketball Galore

Carolyn Patterson, Sports Editor

The basketball season is in full swing and both the girls’ and the boys’ teams look good. Each team has many strong players who contribute to the points, but also to the attitude and behavior of other players on the court. Each team has a few losses, but those losses do not come without glory. Both teams play very strongly and work to make themselves better. While at the two most recent basketball games for both teams it is clear that all the players work extremely hard to beat the other teams; whether that works out is irrelevant to them because the players know they gave it their best.

The boys’ basketball team has an overall record of 9-4-0 and is showing strong improvements every game. On Tuesday they beat Minnehaha Academy 64-48. The boys received new coach, well somewhat new, Sean Kruger who was the former assistant coach for the boys’ varsity team. They are ranked second in the tri-metro only behind DeLaSalle. Junior captain John Veil Leads the team with 183 total points this season, followed closely by senior Blaine Crawford and senior captain Kebu Johnson, each who have 182 points. John Veil also leads the tri-metro in assists and Blaine Crawford is second in the tri-metro for total rebound points. After watching a game, it is clear that the boys are very excited about the game they play and they all give 110% when on the court. The team has a few strong returning players like John Veil and Kebu Johnson but there are also a lot of fresh legs out there that are fun to watch. A run at state looks extremely promising this year and the boys seem motivated and ready to go at it.

As for the girls’ team, although dwindling numbers posed a setback this year, the Blake girls’ basketball team is doing well. The girls are 6-8-0 and looking good despite a switch in coaching staff. Along with the boys, the girls received a new coach. Randy Hobbs is the new varsity coach and completely new to the Blake basketball program as well. From watching a recent game, he is very enthusiastic about his team and is always shouting advice, encouragement or “defense” to motivate the players. Junior Captain Sarah Waldfogel leads the Blake bears with 163 total points this season, followed by senior captain Natalie Sill who has 116 total points. Sarah Waldfogel also recently reached her 500th total point; she is now halfway from the 1000 points club. From watching a game it is evident that the girls give it all they’ve got and even when there is a loss, it is not because the effort wasn’t there. During one game, there were many loose balls but you can bet a Blake jersey was fighting and winning almost every single one. It’s the effort and “never give up” attitude that makes this team noteworthy.

Overall, both teams are thriving even in the new environment that comes with changing coaches. Both teams are extremely fun to watch and post season looks to be an exciting event to look forward to.