March Mystery Athlete: The passionate outdoorsman

Chris Hall, Staff Writer

March’s Mystery Athlete is a two-sport varsity starter, an avid outdoorsman and an experienced musician. This young man is an invaluable asset to both sports he plays in. His athletic prowess and skill level helps both of his teams tremendously, but he is known more for his team-building attitude. A teammate of his remarked, “He is the most energetic and positive teammates I have ever had.”

Outside of sports he has a passion for music as an integral member of the Blake Orchestra. He has been playing his instrument for numerous years and excels at it. An orchestra member described him as, “He plays with a lot of energy and really gets into the music.” He also has developed a peculiar liking to the scent of rosin, which attests to the many years he has spent playing his instrument.

Even though he is a skilled athlete and a talented musician his true calling is the great outdoors. He loves to fish and was a fly fishing instructor last summer in Montana. He takes advantage of every opportunity he has to throw in a line and will never say no to a chance to go fishing. March’s Mystery Athlete is a wonderful athlete and passionate outdoorsman who is an invaluable resource to The Blake School.

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