Traditions and Superstitions

Edmund Chute ‘16 – Forward

“I always tape my stick before games, which is pretty common. I also drink an excessive amount of water before leaving my house. When I get to the rink, I always play better if I stick handle for a while just to get my hands moving. I know a number of kids who won’t let the blade of their stick touch the ground until they hit the ice. At home games, I always untie my tie instead of slipping it over my head. Some [players] wear the same shirt before every game… or even listen to the same song before every game. The list goes on. There is no limit to the things people convince themselves they have to do. For the most part, it’s all about having everything consistent, so that the only thing that changes is the team at the other end of the ice.”

Nick Hughes ‘15Forward

“A tradition is listening to ‘Type of Way’ by Rich Homie Quan, and a superstition I have is that I can’t go on the ice until I watch Mark Lyman do his patent-pending gunshot dance.”

Johnny Ferguson ‘16 Forward

“Before a game, I like to get to the rink at least two hours early. I stay loose for awhile, and join the team in listening to music. Once it gets closer to game time, I try to get focused by watching part of the JV game. I re-tape my stick and mix some Rainberry [Gatorade] in my water bottle for my line.”

Mark Lyman  ‘15Assistant Captain and Forward

“When I arrive, I always park on the right side. When I’m putting on my gear, I always put on my left equipment before my right and take off my left before my right. Cade Gleekel and I always do our special handshake before we go on the ice. Also, I like to be the last player on the ice for the start of warm ups.  Lastly, for away games, I sit in the same seat on the bus.”

Danny Levin ‘14Forward

“The team [rituals] are listening to “Type of Way” by Rich Homie Quan after a win, and dancing with it.  Also, watching our assistant captain [Mark Lyman] do the “gunshot dance” before we go out to play has been a recent tradition.  It’s not a violent dance, more of an old western movie recreation. [Lastly,] I know goaltenders do the weirdest things.”