Blake students describe their ideal teachers

As the end of the school year approaches, students look to next year and the faculty members who will be joining the Blake community when school recommences in the fall.

Every year there are a few teachers who leave the Upper School with positions that need to be filled. As everyone says their goodbyes to the teachers who are finishing their final year at Blake, other staff members are working hard to find someone to fill their spot and join the community.

Teachers play a huge role in creating a safe and positive learning experience at Blake, and therefore choosing the right candidate is vital. The students at Blake spend a lot of time with their teachers and are invested in the decisions over who will be their new teachers.

Across the board the number one thing that students want in a new teacher is genuine passion for what they are teaching.

Greta Morgan ‘15 explained that when “teachers love both teaching and what they teach the classes are more fun for everyone involved and the students enjoy learning a lot more.” Of course everyone wants to have a teacher who is nice and passionate, but the opinions on teaching style are more varied. Some enjoy group work and discussions while others prefer individualized teaching styles and hands on work. Ryan Kinning ‘17 commented, “Working in groups on projects and being able to work together on worksheets helps you to really understand everything because you can talk through your ideas.”

In contrast, Callie Abraham ‘17 said, “I like a teacher who will do more hands on work because it is easier to understand the content that way.”

Students want a teacher who is truly invested in their success and is willing to personalize a lesson to a variety of students using a variety of techniques.

Those that were interviewed unanimously  indicated that they wanted teachers who care about what they teach so they take to time to make their students care too. The subjects that are taught   can be the first steps of finding a passion, and finding a passion is the just the beginning to many other journeys.

A depiction of a dream teacher.
A depiction of a dream teacher.