“Chub” Bettels’ legacy continues

Chub Bettels legacy continues

Rowland H. “Chub” Bettels was a former teacher at Blake. He started teaching at Blake in 1953 and started the track program in 1954.

In his seventeen years of coaching, the team won nine MISL(Minnesota Independent School League) championships with a state title to cap his career off in his final season.

The tradition of winning has continued when last year’s success, Clare Flanagan ’14 won the mile and both Carolyn Nye ’15 and former Blake student, Grant Krieger ’13, won the pole vault indi

vidual state title.

Even with these individual successes, Flanagan says, “We try to maintain Chubs philosophy of ‘the team, the team, the team,”

He taught his athletes and students the values of respect, hard work, commitment, belief in your abilities, and to value each other.

To this end, once a year, Blake hosts the Chub Bettels Invitational to honor Chub and his lasting impact on Blake Track and Field.

This event is unlike any other major invitation. Most track meets have athletes nervous and full of adrenaline, while this meet is for people to try new events that they would not have done otherwise.

For example, Jake Hoops ’14 focuses on shot put and discus, but in his freshman year, he did the 3200 meter run.

Nye says, “It’s awesome seeing what the athletes have to offer. It makes for an entertaining meet and a good recognition of what Chub did for the team.”

Additionally, seniors receive recognition for what they accomplished by a traditional run around the track with flowers.

To experience this joyous occasion, come and support the team on May 20 for the “Chub” Bettels Invitational Track Meet.