Adjustments to Administration – Mr. Menge and Mr. Temple with their new roles at the Upper School

This year there has been a shifting in the Blake administration. To fill Anne Graybeal’s post as Upper School director, former Assistant Director Paul Menge stepped up, while Ben Temple, Dean of the class of 2015, is now the Assistant Director.

Just a week into the new school year, both Menge and Temple were greatly enthusiastic about for their new positions at Blake. Many students might wonder what the difference is between Director and Assistant Director. In Menge’s words, “the Director is mostly charged with the vision and direction of the school…[and] Assistant Director…really helps to put logistics and procedures in place to allow that direction to happen.”

Temple, as Assistant Director, is involved in much of the behind-the-scenes detail work that allows the Upper School to function. For example, he is currently in charge of arranging assembly schedules and supporting homeroom advisors. In an interview, Temple expressed admiration at how “effortless” Menge has made this work seem in past years. “Taking on a new role this year has opened my eyes to all of the little things that need to be done to help the school run effectively,” Temple said. “As Assistant Director, my work is meant to support Mr. Menge as Director and [to support] the deans where appropriate. It’s a position where a lot of different things fall under my umbrella that may seem to be unrelated but all work in the broader functioning of the school.” Furthermore, Temple looks forward to interacting with students on a day-to-day basis, with the goal of “not to be tied to my desk for hours on end.” He is excited to see the class of 2015, with whom he entered the Upper School, graduate.

Menge, now that he has moved into the role of Assistant Director, is eager to continue his involvement in the Blake community. He will continue to coach soccer and be present in the school as before, but he will also work in close conjunction with Department Chairs to help formulate any curriculum changes as well as working with teachers through the effective teaching initiative process. He emphasized, “I feel very fortunate to be a Director in a school that has such an enthusiastic and talented group of faculty and such a talented and engaged group of students. I think we have a wonderful community.” One specific area that Menge plans to focus on this coming year is global education. In his own words, “I have long been convinced of the importance of understanding, valuing and engaging a variety of cultures towards truly becoming a ‘responsible world citizen.’” One aspect of global education is technology, and Menge sees a “golden opportunity” in the new laptops that have been issued schoolwide in terms of enriching and enhancing global education.

As Blake grows, changes, and says goodbye to departing faculty, Menge and Temple’s commitment to inclusiveness and improvement exemplifies the values to which this community stays steadfast.