Free Diving in the Bahamas

free dive copyI went to the Island School in the Bahamas for the first semester of this school year, and one of the great opportunities that they offered students was a chance to go free diving in the phenomenal water of the Bahamas.

Free diving is when you dive down under water and stay as long as you can with one breath.

Most of the time, we were taken to a beautiful place called Cathedral to free dive.

The Cathedral is a giant coral head that comes up from sixty feet at its bottom depth to about twenty feet from the surface.  Around fifty feet down is a tunnel that pierces right through the rock.

Going through this tunnel is not an easy task.  Obviously, it takes strong lungs, but more than anything, it takes a strong mindset–one that is able to say no to your body’s call for breath.

If you are able to master these skills, the experience is unlike any other.