Community responds to to disaster

Katerina Papanikolopoulos 17 luckily snapped this photo of Nepal at a more stable time.

Katerina Papanikolopoulos

Katerina Papanikolopoulos ’17 luckily snapped this photo of Nepal at a more stable time.

Rex Shen, Contributing Writer

Dan Fredinburg was traveling to the highest point on the map when a massive earthquake struck Nepal, sending a wall of ice and snow down through Mt. Everest, consequently killing Fredinburg. This is just one of the many family tragedies that have occurred as a result of the  earthquake.

Concerned student Louis Cosentino ‘18 comments on the tragedy, “It was very sad and devastating. I hope all the injured recover.”

As of now, the death toll is still climbing. Michael Hofstadter ‘17, a student who spoke on the impact of the earthquake at assembly, and proceeded to call for a moment of silence, adds, “It’s a huge tragedy that such a historic place was hit so brutally. It is especially tragic that Nepal was not structurally built to withstand the force of an earthquake. It’s so upsetting when you have to see the death toll continue to rise and see the destruction of homes and historic temples.”

Though Nepal was dealt a serious blow, optimism persists with various organizations providing aid and students like Hofstadter  working to steadily raise awareness of the tremendous suffering.

While relief personnel are still finding survivors, further support must be lent. The next tragedy may be even more devastating, and each member of both the local and global community must be ready to lend a hand.

Callahan Vertin ‘15, another student who spoke about the Nepal earthquake at assembly, states, ”I think the Nepal earthquake is a terrible tragedy, one that is far reaching.”

At school, people can still find ways to help. Vertin articulates, “Blake parents Archana Bhandari and Rupesh Pradhan have started an online fund through which community members can contribute to emergency relief efforts. They are pledging $10,000 in matching funds.  Please check Blake’s homepage for more information about the fund and a link to donate.”