King of Miscellany

Vetscher’s 44 legendary years

Deniz Ercan-Fang, News Editor

As fellow math teacher Ryan Mahoney describes him, “[Vetscher is] one of those guys that as an older teacher, he’s still a young teacher. He is just as savvy on a computer as the rest of us. He is always finding new things all the time…He’s definitely into art and its connections to math…His classroom is filled with quotes…He always has music playing in the morning time and his music taste is far and wide…He loves Homer Simpson.”

    After 44 years of rigorous teaching at Blake, Paul Vetscher is retiring to pursue art. King of Miscellany, Vetscher is known for his random facts and immense knowledge on a broad range of topics. From deaths of kings via elephants to 1-star Amazon reviews, Vetscher has always known how to make students laugh. Likewise, his broad range of mathematical knowledge, teaching everything from geometry to AP Calculus BC combined with his ability to paint, Vetscher has showcased not only his intellectual capability but also his artistic skills.

     As for what Vetscher will do during his retirement, he explains how he will be working on making an intricate Northwest Coast Native American art, which will showcase the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Likewise, Vetscher also states how he plans on making Sangaku: Japanese Temple Geometry. Vetscher explains how his Advanced Geometry class electronically generated these phenomena and describes how he would like to carve one on wood, the traditional way to make Sangaku.

    Vetscher is one of the most eclectic teachers at Blake. He will be missed for his truck (which he drives in the winter), Mustang (which he drives in the summer), eggs (which come straight from his farm), and his vast knowledge and curiosity. Thank you for the decades of service at Blake, Mr. Vetscher.