37 questions with the Korslund twins

Maxine Whitely

Maxine Whitely, InDepth Editor

Two blonde ponytails swing in unison as four pale arms shoot into the air. A formidable spike sets the red and blue ball reeling over the net. The girls across the court can’t return the pass.

     Kate Korslund ‘16 switches sides seamlessly. The twins’ coordinated movements are now opposing: as one spikes, the other one guards. There’s celebration on one side, but it isn’t a sense of competition on the court as much as it is learning.

     Hannah Korslund ‘16 wears a blue shirt. She is the only girl not wearing all black; I wonder if it’s because the twins are virtually indeterminable otherwise. Hannah laughs at my question and debunks my theory. “Do you even know my name?”

     Before I knew the Korslunds, they were easy to confuse. Coming from the same family and growing up nearly  bound at the hip, the Korslunds attest that they are more similar than they are different. However, these girls are unique and dynamic, both together and individually.

     Watch them answer 37 questions here. (Note: Each Korslund answered each question for the other twin unless specified differently.)