Athlete Spotlight

Shogren sets the ice on fire


Lucy Ferguson

Sasha Shogren showcases his tremendous speed.


Is  it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Sasha Shogren ‘18  of the boys’ hockey team. Shogren first started playing hockey at the start of second grade, back when he still lived in Russia.

He moved to Minnesota right before entering eighth grade and worked extremely hard to accomplish what he has become today.

 Shogren is a starting forward for the Blake Bears varsity team, a team that has been enjoying a significant amount of success this year, currently ranked amongst the top ten teams in the state. Currently, Shogren is the team leader in points, tied for the highest number of assists, and has the second highest number of goals. Andrew Dietrich ‘18 the starting goalie for the team comments that he is “grateful” for Sasha’s intimidating presence on the starting offensive lineup.

In addition, the varsity hockey team has enjoyed a stronger student fan section this year. Shogren’s statistics suggest that he has contributed to the team’s success and growing fan section. Lucas Foster ‘18, who self-identifies as one of Shogren’s biggest fans, says

“ On the Ice Sasha is very fast, physical, and not afraid to hit someone. [Shogren] played on varsity as a freshman. However, this year he has exploded into an offensive threat.” Shogren is emerging as a leader on a team that will soon lose many senior players.

Captain Johnny Ferguson ‘16 says, “While [Shogren] may think of it as a Yoda and Luke relationship, Sash has taught me what it truly means to be a leader. Our game on the ice has improved significantly since we have been placed on our line with Bennett Hawley ‘18, a trio with great chemistry.”

The team hopes to finish strong in its last three home games.