Sophie Warren and Miki Rierson: student entrepreneurs

Freshmen start fashion store out of a love for thrifting


Chapel Puckett

Warren and Rierson plan to restart their store during the summer when they have more time to focus on it.

Sophie Warren ‘19 and Miki Rierson ‘19 have spent hours upon hours searching for clothes, but you won’t find them at the mall, rather they’re thrifting at Goodwill for their online fashion store. “We get the best things and we… sell them for like a price that we think is right,” Warren says. Their store started out of a combined love of fashion and thrifting, and it has only continued to grow. Although their store is temporarily closed, it is apparent that these two girls have learned countless lessons about real-world business in fashion.

They originally got inspiration from other online thrift stores and their passion for thrifting. As Rierson mentions, “we were like, ‘we go thrift shopping a lot, might as well [start the store]!’” Their excitement for their shop hasn’t stopped as they continue to find fashion an exciting platform for expression.

Warren did her eighth grade speech on fashion as an artform, which Rierson also agrees with. “I think it’s interesting that you can express yourself in different ways [through fashion] and… it’s just that a good outfit can make you feel confident,” Rierson adds. Fashion is one of the first things that people recognize about a person, but it is not entirely an external facade. Fashion is reflected from one’s internal style, which is different for each person.

Rierson and Warren then described each other’s style, representing the idea that fashion is undoubtedly individual. Warren articulates  Rierson’s style as a “very classic style. She likes navy blue, maroon and white.” Whereas Rierson says Warren’s style is “more… like trendy than me. She wears different… patterns and stuff, and like different colors… she’s more fearless in her style.” Everyone has their own style, which is reflected in how they dress.

The fact that it’s so cheap allows you to try new things.

— Miki Rierson

Warren emphasises this idea of individuality by saying that fashion allows one to show “[their] own individual style… [it’s about] expressing yourself.” Warren and Rierson took this idea of expression and rooted it in their store. They each would pick out their favorite pieces from Goodwill or other vintage stores and list them on their website. Their styles, then, were deeply integrated into the store itself.

Although the store is temporarily closed due to the demands of the school year, they plan to reopen it over the summer.

Rierson lastly speaks to the power of thrifting: “the fact that it’s so cheap allows you to try new things. So if you see a really crazy $2 shirt, you’re like, ‘its $2,’ it doesn’t really matter.’” Rierson believes that thrifting allows you to broaden your horizons, because you don’t have to worry about the cost as much. Next time you think about going to the mall and buying a $40 shirt at Urban Outfitters, maybe go to a nearby Goodwill or Vintage shop, or visit Warren and Rierson’s store: