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September 14, 2016

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer


  1. Blood drive: The blood drive happens two times every year, and this year Forum would like more donors along with parents to participate.
  2. Club Fair: Revisions to the Club Fair for next year include getting more tables, having trashcans to reduce trash left after the fair, and lastly making the Club Fair more time efficient.
  3. Blake Club Handbook: Revisions to the Blake Club Handbook include updating club overviews, along with transferring the document onto a google doc.
  4. Forum and CJB: Forum and CJB speeches are set for Wednesday, September 14. Forum is still trying to figure out a way to make elections electronic.

Blake Asset Management Group: The Blake Asset Management Group is a club devoted to educating students about the Stock Market by investing real money, and having guest speakers. The club has a faculty head who makes the investments, but with recommendations from the club participants. The club requires a large seed capital, and profits go towards the Blake Scholarship Fund. Then each year the club gets a new seed capital. The club was approved to teach and have guest speaker but as of now, not to invest real money.

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