Out with Enstad, in with Henschel

Why our past choir teacher decided to leave

Ms. Enstad, our recent high school choir director has made a move from Blake. The new face at Blake, Mr. Henschel, has taken over as the choir teacher. Ms. Enstad made this change during the summer and relocated with her husband and two kids to Madison, WI. With a new job opportunity for her husband in Wisconsin, the entire family made the haul.

Currently, Ms. Enstad is still teaching choir and now general music as well to 8th, 7th and 6th graders in Madison. Just like at Blake Ms. Enstad has the same goal. She says, “I hope to make a positive impact on my school community.” She was sad to go but says, “Life carries surprises, new challenges, and opportunities to grow and stretch.” She also reflects on her amazing 11 years at Blake, teaching and supporting students.

As for Mr. Henschel, Ms. Enstad is thrilled to see him come and join the Upper School. The two knew each other when Ms. Enstad was teaching in the Minnetonka School system and Mr. Henschel was a “superstar choral student” she says. The two also worked with a similar cast later in life. Both learned under Dr. Angela Broeker at St. Thomas in the Graduate Program in Music Education with Ms. Enstad stating, “[She was] The other most influential mentor and teacher I’ve had.” Ms. Enstad states, “In terms of our training and influences, he and I have a lot in common.”

The students at Blake are sad to see her go. Haluk Ercan-Fang 19’ states, “She was very energetic in how she interacted with her students.” And Bissy Perry 19’ remarks, “The fun memories and laughs we had with Ms. Enstad will be something none of us forget. Her legacy of 11 years will be remembered at Blake by the many students that she has taught and made an impact on.