Bake sale supports Harvey victims

Over $655 raised, making bake sale most successful of Blake’s history

Jack Prince, Contributing Writer

Hurricane Harvey was a devastating tropical storm that swept through Texas during the beginning of September. The storm was classified as a hurricane from August 25, 2017 through September 2nd, 2017.

The category three hurricane claimed 71 lives as the 115 mph winds and the 50 inches of rain battered Texas. Effects of storm surge caused by the hurricane could be seen as far as the middle of Louisiana. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, predicts that damage from the storm will amount to $150 Billion.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Hurricane Harvey will be tied for the third most expensive hurricane in the U.S. from 1980-2017. Katrina tops that list with an astonishing number of $160 billion in damage. Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey will amount to $200 billion in damage.

Victims of the damage will receive financial assistance from donations, including from our students. Thanks to Samantha Monahan ‘18 and members from the CSB who held an impressive bake sale, over $655 was raised for the victims of Harvey.

This total sets a new school record for the most money raised in a one-day bake sale. “There isn’t really a way to describe how I felt watching people suffer, lose everything, and be displaced on the news while I sat in the comfort and safety of my home,” says Monahan. “As an individual, I felt such an overwhelming need to help, and I knew that if I brought an opportunity to the community to support Harvey’s victims we could make an even bigger impact,” she finished.

All profits will go to The United Way Food Relief Fund, which supplies clothes, food, shelter, and other necessities to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Monahan says, “I am both fearful and hopeful for what the future brings for those affected by Harvey.”

To make a donation to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Donation Fund, please visit: or call 1-800-435-7669.