Kodak Black, defining a generation

The duality of mumble rap

Noah Ragan, Contributing Writer

Mumble rap is a new genre of music that has surfaced in recent years and has been defined as “incoherent, absolute garbage for an entire album/track, destroying rap as a genre” (via Urban Dictionary).

The notion of “mumble rap” as a genre that  lacks  lyrical originality is flawed. The harsh criticisms of mumble rap have led some to hastily judge rappers such as Kodak Black.

However, this stigma has blinded many from the realization that Kodak Black is one of the greatest rappers of our generation.

The 20-year old raps poetically of his youth, having grown up in public housing projects with a lengthy criminal record that resulted in him being incarcerated.

No other rapper of our generation has addressed phenomenons such as the vicious cycle of poverty, crime, and racial issues in America to the extent that Kodak Black has.

He tells his story of having been a “child raised by the streets” as well as being a second-generation immigrant from Haiti.

Content-wise, Kodak is one of the greatest rappers our generation.

In addition to his unfathomable lyrics, his beats are completely original, helping him earn 1,300,000 plus listeners monthly on Spotify and various top 10 Billboard songs–all by the age of 20.

Will Dorn ‘19 says, “Kodak Black is a finesse god: an inspiration to me daily. His lyrics are gorgeous, and he is definitely my favorite rapper.”