Sophomore dean Mr. Canfield explained

Madeline Meskan, Contributing Writer

Mr. Canfield, the new Dean for the Class of 2020 and freshman biology teacher, is enthusiastic to bring his Harvard experience as well as naturalist experience to Blake.

One of Mr. Canfield’s goals is to bring a new perspective to Blake about how sophomores prepare themselves for college. Having been at an Ivy League for several years- something students at Blake don’t take lightly- he wants to bring a better understanding to the thought of excellence and doing great work. He hopes he can help the class members understand what the college environment is like and what they are preparing themselves for. Overall, he hopes to enlighten the class about the perceptions versus the reality of what being at an elite college is like, including how to prepare and be successful at a college like Harvard.

Besides what he can do as a Dean, Mr. Canfield is excited to bring a new club to Blake. As an enthusiastic naturalist, he aims to bring more wildlife to the Blake campus. Mr. Canfield could hardly hide his excitement when Mr. Sago brought up the history of organisms at Blake. Students in his advisory have also been very helpful. Mr. Canfield brought up Maddie Florida ‘20 specifically and said that she has been invested and interested in the club as well. The goal is that bringing in animals such as geckos, snakes, and frogs will help spark students interests in Biology as well as natural history.

Mr. Canfield believes that the biggest adjustment from Harvard to Blake is the schedule. In the beginning, he thought it was difficult to get used to the timing and rhythm of Blake. While this has been a hard adjustment, he mentions that his colleagues have been very helpful and welcoming, along with his students in his Biology class.

Overall, Mr. Canfield is excited for the years to come and is thankful for the positive and welcoming atmosphere at Blake.