New Star Wars hits the big screen

Audience’s perception worse than expected

   Despite Star Wars’ The Last Jedi receiving an excellent score of 90% on rotten tomatoes, the audience score was a discouraging 49%. The story of the new Star Wars follows the Skywalker family, and the drama between good and evil that separates their family. Many thought that this movie did not do a good job of following this story, and that there were far too many characters who did not contribute to the main plot.

   Characters such as Poe, Finn, Rose, and Vice-Admiral Holdo took focus away from characters such as Kylo Ren, Leia, and Luke. A lot of fans theorized that Rey would be part of the Skywalker family; whether that be Luke’s daughter or Kylo Ren’s sister, but this theory was put to rest when Kylo revealed to Rey that her parents were junkers, uncaring parents who were willing to giver her up for drinking money.

    This will be a big part of the next film as Lucasfilm and Disney will need to find a place for Rey to fit into the Skywalker family because she is the main character in the current franchise.  Despite all of this, the movie is still incredibly well made and worth the time to watch.