Jumping Into Boys Swim and Dive

Verified and Unified; the Blake Swim and Dive team.

Verified and Unified; the Blake Swim and Dive team.


Connected, unified, committed, hard-working, fun, excellent- these words can be used to encapsulate the Blake Swim and Dive team. The Blake swim team is co-op of two schools, but it is anything but divided. Some members describe their team with words that show the united nature of the team.

One ninth grader used “unified” to describe the team in one word. Andrew Chang explained, “We really have a sense of togetherness that just helps us become better as a whole, as a team.” The bonds formed on the team help make it the star it is. As Andrew explained, the team is greater because of the teamwork that goes into it.

The feeling of community is shared by others on the team. Tommy, another teammate, stated that “we know each other on the team very well” when explaining the word “connected” in relations to the team. The team is full of people who work together, and this helps the team improve. This teamwork bring lots of success.

One recent example of this success was coming in first at True Team Sections on January 20th. Chris Gill told one reason why having a combined team is good: “Getting the opportunity to train with students from Breck… is both more fun and helps us train better as a team.” Not only is the team able to thrive together and bring back quite a few achievements, but they have no lack of fun and lively activities. Some enjoy racing others on the team or playing games such as water polo.

Andrew Chang describes water polo as “a fun bonding experience.” In all, this group of people may be from two different schools, but they are one team. They exemplify teamwork, and show that working together can be a tool for success.