Science Olympiad Completes Great Year

Team Places Second Among Small Schools

Anderson Blum, Sports Editor

Another year of Blake’s Science Olympiad has come to an end, with the Bears winning the title of second best small school in Minnesota at the state tournament on March 3.

The Blake team competed in multiple tournaments leading up to state, including one at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Tournaments in Science Olympiad are set up like the Olympics, with many events that teams send small groups or pairs to compete in and the winners are awarded medals. Team success is measured by the number of medals earned at a tournament.

These events are very diverse. Cole Woerner ‘18, a four-year member of the Blake team, says one of his favorite events is “Helicopters,” where “you have to build a rubber-band powered helicopter.” The cool range of events and good competition are two of Woerner’s favorite things about the club.

At Blake, Science Olympiad is led by Eric Nystrom and the club meets periodically with check-in meetings that help prepare for tournaments. The club, which features a broad selection of topics to investigate, will start up again next year with hopes of another fun season.