Rejuvenating Buzz Around School

The Beekeeping Club presents a unique opportunity open to all with absolutely no experience necessary. The club offers exciting opportunities to be up close with the bees as well as watch from a distance.       

     So far, the club has been meeting sporadically, based on the fluctuating weather and due to the fact that it is a newer club. However, with the summer weather starting to appear, the club is headed towards more consistently scheduled meeting times and is thrilled about the new hive that was brought to the high school campus recently.

     The Beekeeping Club focuses on education about bees, including their current population size, their positive impacts as a species, as well as maintaining a hive.

     While we humans often demonize bees based on their notoriety of stinging humans, Beekeeping Club encourages seeing bees from a different point of view.

    The club recognizes that bees are, when treated properly, kind creatures that play both a prominent and beneficial role on earth.   

   However, when speaking to Sydney Ethen ‘18, one of the clubs two leaders and the founder of the club’s restart about two years ago, explained that humans play a major role in contributing to the rapid population decrease of the species.   

   This very issue is what killed the bees and ended the earlier bee club many years ago. According to Ethen, “They couldn’t hive bees anymore because the toxin that killed the bees prevented any new hives.”

     With the new club, they are not only helping bees but also the planet. As Ethen explains, “[Beekeeping] is something that anyone can do to help the earth at its current state.” During a time when the bee count is depleting, the club’s small contribution with the Blake hive helps strengthen the bee population.

   By joining the Beekeeping club, you can further your understanding of these creatures that play a large part in the environment surrounding us, while also enjoying the fun and interactive aspects of the club.