Boys’ Basketball Building a Future

Despite rocky start, team is looking for growth in its young core


Sophomores Gabe Ganz ’21, Robert Grace ’21, and Jasper Liu ’21 and junior Patch Fechtmeyer ’20 warm up before practice

Jonah Halper, Staff Writer

The Blake Boys Varsity Basketball team is powered by young talent. Although there are only four underclassmen, three are starting, exemplifying the skill that they bring to the team. The team has three sophomores: Team captain Robert Grace, Gabriel Ganz, and Jasper Liu. In addition freshman Theo Liu has joined the team as well. All four underclassmen have started at some point this year. As of 12/11/18, the team has a record of 1-3.

When asked about the team’s performance thus far and its future, Robert Grace ‘21 asserts that, “I know the next few years we will be talented, and we have a lot of room to grow.” Grace mentions the team will only get better from there as all four underclassmen have time to improve. Grace then comments, “We have a strong core for the next few years.” Grace is hopeful that the team will gain a lot of chemistry as the underclassmen continue to play with each other.

Theo Liu ‘22, remarks that “hopefully the chemistry will build over the years and lead to more success when the younger players become upperclassmen.” Liu believes that even if the young talent on the team isn’t winning every game, as the younger players grow, everything will come together. Liu states, “The young talent on the team will hopefully carry over to the next few years, creating a solid program for the future.” Although the team is off to a shaky start, the upcoming seasons can only create more opportunity for these young players to develop and show off their skills.