Girls’ Basketball Leads Player to 1000 Points

Noor Naseer, Staff Writer

The Girls’ Basketball season is coming to a close. The captains this season are Morgan Phillips ‘19 and Sara Gregor ‘19. According to Phillips, this season came with various challenges, including a tough first couple of games and a new coach. The girls’ previous coach left for family reasons and Phillips states that “the transition was good, [and we’re] still adapting to the new coach, his philosophies, and our old philosophies.” Cate Moe ‘21, member of the varsity team since eighth grade states that “he’s very supportive, he’s very calm on the bench… and he brings kind of this new energy to the team and motivation that hasn’t really been there in the past.”

On the ninth of February, Moe scored her 1000th point against Mayer Lutheran. Moe says that this has always been one of her goals and she says that “my teammates and all the coaches have been really supportive of me…I feel really lucky to have all those people in my life that helped me get there.”

The team was originally supposed to play four games the week of the fourth, but unfortunately, because of the snow, two of those games were rescheduled for the following week. According to Moe, the rescheduled games “have been going pretty well” despite it being “hard to get back in the groove of something when it’s been canceled.”

If the team plays hard, Phillips believes that they may be able to one of their season goals- having a home playoff game. Moe is also optimistic about this goal and she believes that if the team plays strongly and win in the last two games of the season, their chances of a home playoff game are pretty good.