College Basketball Championship Poised to Dominate Sports World

Sports fans await appropriately- named “March Madness”

College Basketball Championship Poised to Dominate Sports World

Brian Brener, Sports Editor

As we enter into March, we are approaching the biggest and most exciting sports event of the year, March Madness. At Blake, March Madness takes over the school for the first two days of the tournament. These days feature the top 64 men’s college basketball teams in the nation, meaning that there are 32 games in the first 48 hours of the tournament. This mass amount of games brings lots of excitement and competitiveness around the school. Additionally, having games streamed in the Carlson Commons brings camaraderie and excitement for students.

For Michael Fraley ‘20, “March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year,” Fraley loves the build-up to the tournament, which includes filling out brackets and comparing with friends. He also loves, “The atmosphere of trying to watch games in class secretly… it is great!” Fraley is not alone in this endeavor as many students secretly watch games in class as they are all so exciting, and there is so much meaning behind each game because it is a win or goes home mentality for every game.

Fraley also advised students when asked on his secrets to his bracket as he finished first in the Class of 2020 last year. Fraley’s advice included, “Pick the one seed from the easiest region,” Also, Fraley added, “Three seeds are a superstitious thing for me,” Fraley’s reliance on three seeds paid off last year with Michigan and the year before with Oregon. If the pattern continues, maybe another three seed will make a run.

Another fascinating part of March Madness this year, for us Minnesotans, is that the Final Four will be taking place at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on April 6th followed by the Championship game on April 8th. This will be the perfect opportunity to see the end of a very exciting college basketball season featuring lots of star players that will hope to take home the NCAA championship in early April.