Kaja’s Top Five: Spring Break Essentials

Five items that will transform your beach vacation

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1. GlowMotions glow oils by Sol de Janeiro

In Brazil, glowing, highlighted skin is a year round obsession and a huge beauty secret. These glow oils fully capture the ultimate glow, highlight, and smooth your body in the best light. It comes in two tints one for lighter skin and one for a darker complexion. This is crucial for those glowing selfies, and really enhances the tan you are about to get. With this product your beauty will be enhanced through beaming, Lucious and gorgeous skin babe. This is my number one essential. Who doesn’t like to gleam in the sun?

2. Disposable Camera

No Polaroid, no problem! A more unique and fun way to remember your trip is through disposable photos that you can take while you are away and develop when you get back home. There are even disposable cameras that you can take beneath the water and snap some pics of you and your friends snorkeling, or the sea life.

3. A good beach read

One of the most important things to bring on spring break is a fantastic beach read. I mean come on, one of the best things ever is basking in the sun and strengthening your mind with a young adult fiction. One of my favorite easy and fun reads right now is The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon, about two teens, Natasha and Daniel, who are brought together on a commute. They tell their stories in alternating chapters, with additional voices integrated into the book as characters interact with them. Both relatable and profound, the bittersweet ending conveys a sense of hopefulness that will resonate with you as you soak up the sun.

4. Tile

Something you probably would never think of, however it is one of the most ingenious inventions and something that could serve you well during your travels. Tile is a small square that has GPS capabilities that you can attach to your wallet or whatever you please. Through an app you can call your tile and it will ring so you can hear it and find your lost items, additionally it includes a mapping capability that allows you to see where your lost item was last seen.

5. Portable Chargers

Do yourself a favor and buy a portable charger. These things are integral to your spring break as they give you that essential charge for your phone or tablet wherever you go. Most portable chargers have enough energy to charge your phone fully two to five times. This is always an essential for me when I am running out of battery but need to take photos of my friends, listen to my podcasts, and play wordscapes.