KK Haug and Madeleine Wethington Win Best Player in their Sport in the Same Year!


Brian Brener, Sports Editor

Strong mentors and a passion for their sport has led to Blake receiving the Ms. Soccer and Ms. Hockey award in the same year. KK Haug ‘19 and Madeleine Wethington ‘19 have both been models of excellence on the field and ice this season. Haug is the second Blake Bear to take home Ms. Soccer. Haug finished this season with a remarkable 7 goals and 16 assists in 13 games this season. On the other hand, Wethington is the third Bear to win Ms. Hockey as the tallied 21 goals as a defenseman this year.

Both have lots of people to thank for their success in their given sport as Haug says, “Mr. Menge and my MTA (Minnesota Thunder Academy) coach are both huge mentors.” Wethington felt similar as she says, “Coach Reid believed in me right from the very start, and he pushed me to be the best player and person I could be. Also, my Aunt Winny wh

Madeleine Wethington ’20 awaits the puck drop at the faceoff circle.

o is my summer coach has offered me many opportunities and has helped develop my game.”

The girls’ passion for their sports comes from the people they are surrounded by every day at

 practice and games. Wethington says, “My favorite part of the day is coming to the rink to play with great people and great players.” Haug also feels a similar way as she says, “I have definitely made my closest friends playing soccer, and it is a great break from everything that is going on.”

Haug and Wethington have been two of the more successful athletes during their Blake careers, thus giving them both the opportunity to continue their sports careers at college in the fall. Haug will continue her soccer career at Brown University in the fall, and Wethington will be playing hockey at the University of Minnesota.