Ceramics Room Cleaned

Ceramics classes relocated as ceramics room is cleaned

Ben Lim, Contributing Writer

All of the ceramics classes had to be relocated to the printmaking room recently. Joe Ruggiero explains, “When we came back from spring break there was a question of build up of dust in the room so we wanted to make sure the air quality was good before we put classes in the room.” Thankfully the tests came back negative, meaning classes could resume as normal. While the classes were out of the room, they worked on projects not involving clay. Tobin Spiller ‘22 responds, “We still had many activities to do outside of the ceramics room and we got to experience a new art in [the mean] time.” The first year ceramics students worked on paper sculptures and doing carvings with plaster, while the advanced students worked on making paper mache sculptures. Now the Ceramics classes are back in the ceramics room and continue to create clay based projects.