Parking Confusion: Construction, Carpooling, Congestion

Green Team parking spots reimagined for carpool use

Noor Naseer
Construction begins in the sculpture garden parking lot.

Students have not had access to the Parade Park parking lot (located across from the math wing, next to the Sculpture Garden) since the start of the school year due to the Minnesota State Fair and, now, renovations.

In the meantime, students are allowed to park in designated areas of the Parade Ice Arena parking lot. As compared to last year, Jack Sabre ’20 says there is “a lot more congestion built up not only in the parking lot but along Kenwood [Parkway] as well.” Ahna Fleming ’21 says, “The parking situation makes me late everyday.”

According to Brandon Krona, Lead Security Officer, the Parade Park parking lot is scheduled to be available for use by the first or second week of November. All students who purchased parking passes will have their pass transferred over to the Parade Park lot once parking resumes there.

Krona explains that in meetings with the Minneapolis Park Board during the past year, there were initiatives to install a new crosswalk and more cameras to ensure the safety of everyone parking in the parade lot. Krona also revealed that there will be an increase in green team parking spaces compared to last year, a change made in an effort to reduce the carbon emissions of Blake students.

As construction continues, students have been encouraged to carpool because of “Green Team” parking spots. Despite the name, these parking spots have not been determined by the Green Team. Security officer Craig Rawles explains that “[the security team is] making the Green Team passes… [and] communication with the Green Team is going to happen.” As of right now, these carpool spots are available to anyone who carpools with three or four people and informs the security team of this.

Will Bohrenson notes that similar to last year, he aims to start managing the green team spots starting three or four weeks into the school year. He plans to assign the green team spot based the most emissions reduced rather than a random draw.


Will Roseblum
A line forms as students try to depart the Parade Ice Arena lot. Sabre says “Getting out at the end of the day is horrendous.”