Classic Gyros Offer Striking Flavors

Explores Spices, Sauce

Catherine Barry, Sports Edior

After trying Falafel King’s gyro, I was disappointed as to probably be expected from ordering a gyro from a falafel place. At first glance it looked like your standard, universal gyro including shaved lamb meat, raw onions, tomato and tzatziki drizzled on top, all inside a pita. However, this gyro came with green pepper and cooked onions inside which was a surprise. I am not a huge fan of peppers, so I was a little disappointed when I saw them. Also, the cooked onions added a slimy texture in the gyro that was not the best.

Soho Cafe’s gyro was definitely better than Falafel King’s in that it had more traditional gyro fixings in the pita. It had lettuce in it, which usually isn’t in the gyros, yet I thought it was a nice surprise as it added a fresh and crunchy texture that wasn’t in Falafel King’s gyros.

The meat was delicious and very flavorful yet I thought there was a little too much meat compared to the other ingredients in the gyro. The onions were similar to Falafel King’s in that they were also cooked, yet they were not as slimy and still were crunchy.

Because there was so much food in the pita between the excessive amount of gyro meat and lettuce, it was hard to eat as a ‘pita sandwich,’ which supposedly I was getting. Additionally, the tzatziki sauce, although tasty, was too sparse for my liking. Overall, I didn’t mind this gyro and would possibly get it again.

Wally’s gyro was the best out of the three places that I tried. The gyro meat had the perfect amount of herbs in it to add more flavor and it was cooked perfectly. On this gyro, there was also lettuce which I liked, as well as raw unions, which was different from the other two I tried. The addition of the raw unions was nice because it brought more spice and a different texture to the gyro. I would have liked to have had more tomatoes on the gyro, just to add some variety.

The tzatziki sauce on this gyro was also a nice surprise as it didn’t have much dill in it like the other ones did, but it was a bit creamier and there was a good amount of it, so it mixed in nicely with the other ingredients. Overall, this gyro was the best one because of its variety of textures and flavors with the combination of both raw and cooked ingredients.