Coaches Cherish Connections with Student-Athletes

Teachers who coach get to know students better outside of school

Coaches Cherish Connections with Student-Athletes

Robert Grace, Contributing Writer

Within our community, there are about 12 teachers and faculty members that currently coach a sports team for Blake, not including former coaches. Therefore, it is imperative that they balance both their jobs as a teacher and as a coach. Because of this, many have to prioritize and organize their time so that they are available for students as well as for their players.

Some of the current coaches in the Upper School are Shawn Reid (Varsity Girls Hockey), Steve Kaback (Boys Volleyball), Ben Cady (MS baseball), and Maggie Bowman (Varsity Cross-Country/Track & Field). 

Reid, among other coaches, expressed one of the many benefits of being a coach is that “By being in the school all day every day, I know what’s going on… I can better understand how a student might be feeling at practice and I can make adjustments to what is happening during the school day.” 

Many of the teachers expressed that they enjoy coaching students because they are able to connect with and get to know students in a different way that isn’t in the classroom. Additionally, they like being able to see the students in two different environments. Some teachers also expressed that they found coaching gives them a better and more accurate picture of a student that teaching doesn’t bring to light.

Bowman agrees, “[I] have a better understanding of students and their lives and who they are as people both inside and out of the classroom.” Ultimately most of the faculty members love coaching because it allows them to engage with students on a more personal level and in different settings which makes the community more cohesive.