Lizzo Spreads Positive Vibes at the Armory

Lizzo brings a fun and loving environment to Minneapolis


Lizzo shared moments with the audience where she spread words of positivity

Emma Martinez Sutton, Managing Editor

Lizzo, a hit-producing artist with countless viral moments as well as a new film star, was impossible to miss as she returned to her once home Minneapolis. Her exuberant personality and good music did not fall short in her two sold out shows at the Armory on Wednesday, October 9 and Friday, October 11. 

Lizzo has quickly risen to stardom due to her Billboard Top 100 album “Cuz I Love You,” brazen body-positivity, and memorable moments such as an MTV Video Music Awards performance in front of an inflatable butt and unexpected flute skills. 

As Lizzo strutted on stage Friday night in an eye-catching, fringe-covered bodysuit and gold wrap, the audience erupted in applause (which would pale in comparison to the volume at which they sang along to and cheered for her hits). After apologizing for her late arrival because she was “stuffing [her] face” with mac and cheese, Lizzo performed hit after hit such as “Juice” and Minnesota-Viking referencing “Truth Hurts.” 

Her Friday show happened to be on National Coming Out Day and just a day after President Trump’s rally in Minneapolis. She made a point of dedicating her song “Boys” to the LGBTQ community celebrating the awareness day. While she did not directly condemn Trump or the Trump Rally, she praised the “baby Trump balloon,” followed by an urging for all 16,000-plus audience members to spread as much love in the world as possible.

Lizzo’s stellar two-night appearance at the Armory confirmed her beloved status as a Minnesota artist and a world-class performer.