Tutorial, TASC become more fun, productive

Activities and focused work time aim to create fun and increase productivity


Shagun Sinha, Contributing Writer

Since the start of the year, librarians Kali Olson and Lizz Buchanan have brought back silent tutorial on Mondays. Two years ago, silent tutorial only happened during exam week. Last year, it was switched to happen on and off for a while and silent tutorial was typically placed in one section of the library, usually where the rows of tables were placed.

However, this year things changed. “We wanted to make sure we had a balance in what the students wanted. Some wanted to hang out with their friends and some wanted a quiet space to work so we made a compromise,” says Olson. Now, silent tutorial is kept in the library and students have a space to work and focus in a quiet environment.

The room isn’t kept completely silent so that students can still whisper to their friends while getting work done. “We try to keep it at a medium quiet level,” reflects Olson while referring to the tables section of the library. Librarians implemented this change so  that there would be a workspace for students to get work done and focus.

Wednesdays, on the other hand, are completely different. On Wednesdays, since there isn’t silent tutorial, the librarians and other staff wanted to have something fun going on, so they developed a cycle. In this cycle are three events: Mario Kart/Smash Brothers, Library Programming/Crafts, and a Technology Club of some sort. Olson and Buchanan chose these activities for the cycle because it’s a little bit of everything. Each of these events will rotate every Wednesday. Students aren’t required to join or participate in any of these activities but they’re there for students to have something fun to do during Wednesday TASC.

Editor’s note: TASC is an acronym for Tutorial + Activities + Symposium + Clubs.