The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum


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Vending Machine Leaves School, Lacks Return

Healthier, popular vending machine gone, but for reason

Things constantly go missing at Blake, from earrings to sports equipment, but one of the biggest mysteries of them all is the disappearance of the vending machine that once stood outside of the lunchroom. As one of the most popular vending machines in the school for some of its healthier food options, many students were stunned and saddened to find a rectangular void where the missing vending machine used to be.

     Suspicions spiraled about the machines disappearance, ranging from lack of use, maintenance or stocking problems, cost issues, and overuse by the students. One popular comment was that it was removed because it distracted people from lunch: students would buy food instead of eating the lunch provided by Taher. Meanwhile, another stated that the company running the machine went out of business, so the new company removed it. With rumors spreading about the location of this source of snacks, US-Lead Security Officer Brandon Krona, set the record straight. ìThe vending machine was taken out by the company who supplied it.  We had two different venders that occupied our machines. One surprising email saying it was being taken away shocked our Admin team.

     The machines removal could have some problematic consequences for the Blake community. While health teacher Cris Larson didn’t think that many of the items in the vending machine could be considered health foods or even healthy foods, she said it perhaps offered some healthier options when compared to traditional vending options as long as this wasn’t a persons sole nutrition source.

     Ben Aronow 21 said that “I probably used it weekly during freshman year and then rarely after that, so I don’t really care about it being taken out, but it seemed good to have, like, for people who just needed something in the morning or afternoon when there wasn’t lunch.”

    While the vending machine didn’t have completely healthy items, it stood between the ones full of junk food and the cafeteria. Even though the vending machine was supposedly taken out because it meant less people getting food from the cafeteria, it could also have distracted people from getting food from the less healthy vending machines. Moreover, Elizabeth Nguyen in attendance, confirmed that ìThe small percentage that we receive from the vending machine companies is deposited into the dance account to subsidize the cost of prom.

     Overall, the loss of the vending machine revoked a food resource at the school, but there are, of course, many other options to support students throughout the day. In addition, while the vending machine provided financial support for funding the junior and senior prom, it wasn’t the only method for funding. In the end, maybe losing the vending machine had its benefits, allowing people to experience the  food that Taher creates every day. For students that strongly wish for the return of the healthy vending machine, they need only to go to members of the administration to plead their case. They would be happy to listen to what students have to say. Still, there may not be a need to, since our administrators have already been discussing the process of replacing it, and they have been given approval to get a new machine. So, with any luck, the new vending machine will be up and running very soon.

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