The Problem With Dances

Sara Richardson, Managing Editor

Tensions between the administration and students have only risen when it comes to dances. The recent dance, Snowdaze, was the lowest attendance that has been seen at a dance the past few years. The music was a large factor in the low attendance. Timo Hemphill ’20, who has been discussing the topic of dance with Joe Ruggiero and other administrators, states, I am trying to make the case that things need to change for dances for people to show up. I didn’t show up at Snow Daze cause I just didn’t want to pay 10 bucks for music I didn’t want to hear.

     Although the teachers were no longer surrounding the mosh pit and no police officers were in sight during Snowdaze, students still had a problem with the music. Isa Chenitz ’20 states, the music was bad, but it was not surprising. Before the dance, Hemphill made a playlist based off of a survey asking for requests from the student body. Hemphill says that Joe Ruggiero did not have time to listen to the music, but students are questioning whether the playlist will be used for prom. Hemphill states, I don’t know if things will change I don’t think it’s fair to students to like make them pay 90 dollars to go to prom and now everyone wasted 90 bucks to go listen to Cotton Eye Joe and Baby Shark.