The Bachelor is the Worst of Reality TV

The Bachelor is problematic at its core, and contestants are mistreated for entertainment.


Lucy Wolfe, Contributing Writer

My mom has been watching “The Bachelor” since I was a newborn and I can’t get her to turn it off. With every ounce of my soul, I cannot stand this show. The show is pathetic and it stereotypes and degrades its contestants. It is over-dramatic and so scripted it hurts, and all the cringy, overused, romantic stuff makes me want to barf in my mouth. I swear, every male constant on that show looks like their only hobby is reposting Sports Center highlights on their Instagram story.

Each season of the show is filmed for around 6-9 WEEKS. Imagine wasting two to three months on some guy from Maryland that played two years of high school lacrosse, thinking you’ve found the one, and then he sends you home because ~the spark is gone~. I’ve had BABYSITTERS for longer than 9 weeks and not once did any of them make me feel like I was a second choice on national television.

Corinne, arguably the craziest female in Bachelor history, was dragged way past when she should’ve been kicked off just because her crazy behavior and untamable attitude made the show more interesting. In the limo after getting dumped, Corrine cries out, “I just want to be loved,” through her wails and sobs. On top of that, the successful marriage rate of the show is 17% in 28 seasons. Very rarely does anyone find love on this show. It is nearly impossible to find the one if your partner is deciding between 14 other people at the same time in a game show fashion.

Not only is the show boring and overdramatic, it is also overflowing with predominantly straight white contestants. A little diversity would be nice. Instead of diversifying their candidates, producers choose to throw in contestants like Corrine who are just used for their entertainment value. I completely understand how the high drama of this show can be entrancing, but you could find more intellectual stimulation in the movie “Frozen 2.”