Girls’ Swim & Dive Team Swims on Despite New Restrictions

New rules, changes won’t stop competition


Amelia Bush, Contributing Writer

Like many other sports this year, Blake Girls’ Swim and Dive has had to make many adjustments and sacrifices in order to have a season. The team has been split into two different groups that practice during two different times. Along with this, they have to wear masks whenever they are not physically in the water.

     Captain Hannah Sweet ’21 says, “[JV and Varsity practicing together] was something I personally loved about our team. We had a very good connection between everyone from seventh grade to seniors, everyone knows each other really well.” With the new lane restrictions, the teams are no longer able to practice together.

   In addition, there are no spectators allowed at Blake, which means no cheering on the swimmers. Mara Noel ’24 says, “I appreciate [the new rules], but one thing that is kind of hard though is not having your teammates there to cheer you on.”

    Although there are so many new rules, the team seems to have found ways to still have fun and support each other. Sweet says, “We’ve done zoom team dinners where we send out the recipes the night before and everyone goes out and gets the ingredients and we make dinner together and eat it on zoom and talk. We have an outdoor dance exercise class scheduled. We’re going to do an outdoor movie night.” From live streams of meets, to a plan of having their own mini sections, they seem to be making the most of it.

     While everyone is trying the best that they can, it can still be hard to follow the rules. While talking about the ability to follow Frida Illescas ’22 says, “I think that there are good intentions, but I also think that because we are a semi-big sport, we can’t always be 6 feet apart no matter how hard we try.”

     Overall the season has been different, but it has also been filled with a lot of thought and care from the adults and captains that want this to happen.

     Illescas says, “I would not change anything about the rules because the coach worked hard with the athletics department to make this season happens in the safest way possible and I agree with them when they say that they put in the most precautions they could.”

    No matter what is thrown their way, the team will continue to bring their energy and enjoy the season. Sweet says, “We’re a very spirited team; if you ask anyone we’re probably the loudest team at least in our section.”